All I've ever known is how to hide a secret...


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imagine a pizza topped with several smaller pizzas

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happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

what if it was someone you could vouch for?

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If it was someone I could vouch for it would be someone I had known for over a year or more and trusted. I, look I don’t wanna sound like an ass, but I’m reallypicky about who I live with. That’s my home. It’s my safe place where I can unwind and be myself, where there is zero drama. And right now I can’t honestly think of anyone other than foxchaos, asides from a couple of my other irl friends that I’ve known for years, that I would even consider living with. 

so, do you think you and jr could use another roommate?

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i’ll answer this as though this is a legitimate question from someone i actually know;

3rd roommate = more money = bigger space and that is awesome.

But from what I’ve learned about JR is that she’s like a vampire and other human beings are sunlight. So while I’d be down with rooming with someone after meeting and talking to them for awhile and getting a vibe from them, I’d have to talk to her because while she’d probs just say “Whatever you want is cool I’ll be fine”, I’d prefer she not hermit herself away in her own apartment anymore then both of us already will do.

I dunno when I became the social butterfly out of the two of us, but, here I am.


When you hit refresh and your follower count goes up


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6 Facts and 6 Followers

  1. I would do a hit for somebody in exchange for someone walking on my back right now. I don’t know what I did to it but it’s VERY unhappy with me. 
  2. I can not wait to move up North. Like I’m soooo fucking over this entire hot as hell South thing. Jesus Christ just no more. 
  3. I’m considering writing a Once Upon A Time fic. 
  4. Oh foxchaos and I are huge lesbians because we ship our damn cats together. Even though they’ve never met. And they’re both fixed. But THEY WOULD MAKE THE CUTEST KITTENS!!!
  5. I have to sleep with a noisy box fan in my bedroom or else sleep won’t actually happen. 
  6. Aaaaaand my mom bought me Monster High socks today randomly. But they’re cute and comfy so whatevs I guess. 

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